The New Aberdeen Sports Village – An Impressive Facility

With London scheduled as host for the 2012 Olympic Games, there’s little chance that the newly opened Aberdeen Sports Village will be wanting for users. The super structure, featuring practice facilities and arenas for a variety of sports, provides a first-class training option for Olympians.

It would be a mistake to think of the Village as a temporary, Olympics-driven facility, however. This pricey new “all under a single roof” facility was in planning long before London’s successful bid. It’s a combined effort of SportsScotland, the University of Aberdeen and the City Council, designed to bring the best in athletics to northern Scotland and to provide access to amazing facilities for people of all skill levels and interests. The massive village promises to quickly become one of Aberdeen’s most recognizable landmarks.

The new Aberdeen Sports Village sits atop the area previously used for Chris Anderson Stadium. Its offerings are impressive and comprehensive. You’ll find a full-sized football facility, running tracks, areas for the practice of track and field events, multiple squash and badminton courts and more at the Village.

Fitness facilities are key component of the operation and there are different gyms and exercise studios in place. The Aberdeen Sports Village will also host research facilities for the advancement or sports science and all of the other accoutrements one would expect in a world-class facility including dining areas and seats for spectators for some sporting events. If it relates to the world of sports, it’s probably part of the village.

The centerpiece of the Aberdeen Sports Village is the massive Sports Hall, which can be used for indoor hockey, basketball, volleyball or just about any other game. The large hall also provides seating for nearly 400 onlookers.

The other often-mentioned element of the village is its full-sized football pitch. Those who’ve visited will tell you that the pitch is as impressive as anything to which top professionals have access.

Whether you’d like to work on your discuss toss or your triple jump skills, the Aberdeen Sports Village has what you need. It’s a full-featured, comprehensive sports facility that promises to attract many of Scotland’s athletically inclined, as well as the many guests who will undoubtedly use its offerings as a way to train for the 2012 games.

The “ASV” opened in late summer 2009 to universally rave reviews. Everyone who visited the village was taken aback by its utility, appearance and flexibility. It’s an impressive building capable of providing state of the art training facilities for the world’s greatest athletes and community accessible sporting options for those of us who may not be destined for Olympic greatness. It truly is a community resource and promises to become a major part of Aberdeen’s civic fiber.

Source by Matt Spock

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