The Niche Blogger Review – Does Amy Bass Deliver?

This is a Niche Blogger review, one of the better online tutorial membership sites available online. If you’re looking for ways to expand your skill set, and if that means poking into the wallet to get tools useful to you, you’ll find both the cost and value in the Niche Blogger a pleasant surprise. Many of these types of sites fail to deliver on many promises of easy traffic, flowing sales and untold riches, but there’s always the odd diamond amongst the rough which makes it worthwhile.

Amy Bass, who runs the membership site, has a fascinating personal story, as she attempts to pay off over 75k in debt in 12 months using nothing but online marketing.

The Niche Blogger is just excellent. The membership content (which, not surprisingly, is set up in blog fashion) provides a day by day, step by step plan for setting up a money making blog. In the first months content Amy has set out in a foolproof manner the steps that need to be taken to set up a streamlined wordpress blog, which plugins to adopt, which settings will earn you massive rankings, and provides video tutorials for some of the more difficult scripting adjustments for the technologically dense among us. The following months focus on how to really monetize your site and promote it to get the traffic we need to make solid sales and list build with the best of them.

Now, many of the ‘days’ won’t actually require a days effort. However, it’s wonderful to have everything laid out for you, and in the unlikely event you have any questions, Amy answers them within hours (often minutes). Being able to set up hosting and domain registration is made to be a cinch with Amy’s advice, as is being able to ‘tweak’ your blog for maximum effect. The value here is in duplication.

The techniques on the Niche Blogger are managable, well defined, and exciting to implement. Chances are even experienced campaigners WILL find several gems of information in the sites content.

One of the BEST things to come from The Niche Blogger so far is the templates you get access to for a small pittance which make setting up a monetizable blog super simple. There’s one for just about every type of blog you could need, but they are easy to customize, and they are simply a breeze to use. One step, and the whole thing is linked in to your AdSense account. Brilliant.

Amy earns (at present) about 5k a month from 20 blogs, and her self professed goal is to get each of her members to that same level. With over 400 members, she sets high expectations…but if her determination is anything to go by, they are realistic ones. Her integrity is beyond reproach and the monthly membership is an extremely competitive price (under $15). Simply as a resource this is highly valuable information to anyone other than the most experienced bloggers. For those wanting to make money from blogging, it’s gold.

Source by Alex Kenwright

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