The Pfaltzgraff Folk Art Pattern – Rustic Elements Combined With the Finest Quality Dinnerware

The greatest kitchenware company that makes collectible plates is Pfaltzgraff. The company has been around for ages making intricate Pfaltzgraff patterns that are just lovely and intricate. One of the famous Pfaltzgraff pattern is the Pfaltzgraff Folk Art kitchenware.

The Pfaltzgraff Folk Art is a Pfaltzgraff pattern that has been around for centuries. This is, in fact, one of the earliest patterns that the company made during the 1800s and it features the rustic elements of the early America.

The Pfaltzgraff Folk Art kitchenware are made from either glass or ceramic and are salt-glazed to give it a rustic look and feel to it. The kitchenware usually feature the earth-tone colors that resemble the clay which is the material used by the first American settlers to make their kitchenware. To add more rustic feeling to the Pfaltzgraff Folk Art set, you can see the floral motifs printed in blue all over the kitchenware. The pattern is very intricate thanks to the combination of the rude earth-tone material as well as the blue motif printed on the kitchenware itself.

A lot of china collectors collect the Pfaltzgraff Folk Art set since they add a more rustic feeling to their homes especially inside their kitchen. Moreover, what is interesting about the design is that they appear to be very simple. However, the simplicity of the design is what makes this plate elegant. And this is one of the reasons why a lot of collectors love to get their hands on one of the kitchen set made by the company.

The plates are perfect addition to your western-style inspired kitchen which comprise mostly of wooden elements. They are not only a good addition to the kitchen but they can also be used to decorate homes that are inspired by western-style interior design. All in all, this particular kitchen set is something that you will truly love collecting especially if you are a person who happens to love items with simple designs but are also elegant. So, start collecting these patterns now and you will surely love the effect that it can give to your kitchen.

Source by Mary Franklin

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