The Playtex Bra – Perfect For Any Women

The Playtex Bra – perfect for any women Playtex was founded as the International Latex Company in 1932. It all began as a manufacturer of bathing caps in Rochester, NY and it soon expanded to produce aprons, hot pads, slippers, makeup capes, and baby pants all under the "Playtex" brand name. In 1954 the Living Playtex Lingerie Bras were introduced, which enjoyed 40 years in the market place.

Playtex also created the size charts, which allowed women a better option to what size they were. They are responsible for created the Eighteen hour bra and Cross you heart brands. Which are two of their bestselling brands throughout the years.

The Playtex Bra comes in many different brand names and styles. Playtex Secrets, which holds some of the styles such as Legacy Lace underwire and wirefree, All That Glitters underwire and wirefree, and Forever Lace underwire.

Cross your heart holds many styles that are more of a seamless lightly lined, or undercut support bra. Also, under this style, are light mircofiber, sideshaping, lightly lined seamless, and nobody's perfect bras.

In addition Playtex provides half cup sizes, for those in between women. These can be found mostly in their Thank Goodness It Fits line.

Playtex also provides the perfect bras for expectant mothers. Their maternity line includes extra comfort nursing soft cup and underwire nursing bras. In addition they offer underwire alternative nursing bras, which are perfect for support with comfort. Playtex maternity bras feature flexible undercup fabric braiding providing shaping, support, and absorbency. Made with custom multiple setting for a custom fit as your body changes.

Playtex has been around for years and continues to prove to be the better bra company every year. Some Playtex bras are made with silky material while others are made with just regular cotton. With its many styles and designs, every woman should be able to find what they are looking for.

Source by Carol M. Brown

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