‘The Purge’ Launches ‘Resistance’ Against Fascist ‘Fake News’ Government

USA’s The Purge clearly knows all about perverting American values, so it’s not a shock that it seems to revere liberal ones. In its season finale, the show attempts to co-opt the anti-Trump “Resistance” mantra as a noble cause against a fascist government.

The December 17 finale “7:01 AM” concludes the season that explores the year between two “Purge Nights,” where all crime including murder is legal. The totalitarian government, the New Founding Fathers of American (NFFA), claims The Purge helps reduce crime overall, but surveillance worker Esme Carmona (Paola Núñez) soon discovers a conspiracy to shut down any conflicting evidence. Unfortunately, in her quest to reveal the truth, the NFFA murders her to keep her quiet.

Despite this, people learn of Esme’s research and quickly organize to fight back against their government. Led by college grad Darren (Denzel Whitaker) and Esme’s sister Sofia (Marianly Tejada), they inspire others to rally against the “fake news” from their violence-supporting government and fight for “our right to free speech.” As a bonus, he derides the notion of “thoughts or prayers” as well as another student prepares for the next Purge.



Darren: The NFFA is trying to say what happened to Esme Carmona on Purge Night was fake news. But it was very real. They shot her after the sirens. Our own leaders broke their own rules. Our government has created a virus for violence, and it is spreading.

Sofia: I knew Esme too. She was my sister. Esme’s sacrifice was not in vain. She got me and all the rest of you to show up today. Changing the world, it starts right here, right now, in this room.  

Darren: That’s right. So, no, we won’t just stand by and continue to let our leaders trample over our right to free speech. And, no, we won’t just stand by and let our government continue to murder innocent citizens. The Purge death toll is at the highest it’s ever been, and no amount of thoughts or prayers or grief boxes will ever be enough. No, we don’t deserve that! Our country deserves better.

This fictional version of America certainly needs an uprising, but any connection to the current Trump administration is delusional at best and dishonest at worst. I think we can all agree murder is wrong, but only The Purge would think any relevant “Resistance” nowadays fights for free speech against “fake news.” Many college students, in fact, seem to fight for silencing speech nowadays. And since the “Resist” crowds tend to include Antifa, I don’t believe they’re as opposed to violence as TV would like us to believe.

Still, that doesn’t stop shows like The Purge from painting people who “Resist” as heroes against an evil government, real life or otherwise. Fortunately, The Purge hasn’t yet been renewed for a third season, so this might be the last we hear from this series.

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