The Secret of a Strong Jaw Line

What is attractive? A strong jaw line for sure. This is true for both genders – male and female. Even if we don’t find ourselves paying attention to jaw lines, it works on a subconscious level. We see it in magazines and pretty much all Hollywood stars have one. So what is the secret to having a strong jaw line – if there is one at all?

For many people it is one of the most desirable part of face. That is why is causes so many questions, for example what makes a strong jaw line, is there is a way to grow muscles, how to do it, how much time it will take? Some might thought of implants, botox or specific haircut. But if you want to keep your mimicry, and don’t want any extraneous things under your skin, then this is what you’ve been looking for.

Strong jaw lines can be associated with fertility, strength, power. This is one of the reasons why women prefer this type of men. Have you ever notice neck and face muscles of bodybuilders? Their muscle growth having an effect on all muscle groups. But if you are not a bodybuilder? Many people ask themselves if there is a way to develop the jaw muscles – for example, by chewing gum or exercising in a certain way. The answer is yes, there is a way to define your jaw line.

The truth is that it tends to depend on our genetics, and bone structure. One can determine a lot about a person’s body type simply by looking at his or her jaw bone. We all look different, but we can do our best with what has been given to us. It is not necessary to have a big jaw bone, but the line just up to our neck should be seen, it will make you look more sexy and your face brighter.

There are three main muscles: platisma muscle in front of our neck, mentalis muscle and masseter muscle near jaw line. Exercises will not make these muscles huge, but they will make them defined. They will tone and firm skin and will help to get rid of double chin fast, if you have it. And there are three easy steps.


1. Sit upright and keep your face relaxed.

2. Put your lower lip upward and holds this contraction for 2 seconds.

3. Move your chin downwards without changing position of your head, hold for 2 seconds.

4. Repeat all this for 10 times.

Human nature is that we want to get this amazing result suddenly. So you might be asking a question, how much time it will take? The muscles in this area are not easiest to control, it depends how well they are developed. But after certain facial exercises for jowls you will feel right muscles, and understand what you have to deal with. Face fitness system helped many people, but only you can make it work for yourself.

Solutions for all those problems such as double chin, chubby cheeks have been found. You can do it naturally, without side effect. Discover your body and feel confident.

Source by Helen Snow

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