The Secret to Men’s Fashion in the Summer – Linen Sport Coats

When the summer rolls around, men across the nation worry about what to wear to remain comfortable as well as to remain fashionable. My secret to getting into all the trendy night clubs is wearing linen sport coats. With an affordable linen coat I can appear trendy and professional without have to deal with a stiff collared shirt in a stuffy tapas bar. I mean after spending an entire day wearing stiff collared dress shirt the last thing I want to be doing during happy hour is wearing another stiff collar.

After I get out of the office I head straight back to my 1 bedroom bachelors pad and change into a fresh t-shirt and throw on a nice, light linen sport coat. This way I’m sure to be deemed acceptable by even the most discerning bouncer. My linen coat is like a bulletproof vest for strict dress codes. Of course once I’m inside the venue I can hang my coat up and commence mingling wearing only a t-shirt. I dare you to try and take off a collared shirt in the club! The venue’s security team will pounce on you like a fumble in the last quarter of the Rose Bowl!

Not to mention how affordable linen sport coats are. For around a few Andrew Jackon’s I can have a week’s worth of high-quality linen coats that still look good after dozens of washes. But the real magic behind the sport coat is that when I’m taking a walk with a young lady after leaving the club I can be a real gentleman and offer her my coat as we walk romantically under the stars.

Source by Sean Michaels, II

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