The Secret Weapon of the Believer

Fasting simply means abstinence from food and drink for a specified period of time. It is a spiritual principle that works for anyone irrespective of spiritual believe.

During the period of fasting, divine guidance and messages can be received from God.

It should be noted that all Christians are supposed to fast, but the length of fasting is determined by the individual desire or needs. On the other hand, occult members and other groups that do not believe the word of God also fast to uplift their spirit to do evil. It therefore shows that fasting has some benefits.

Fasting increases our faith in God

During the period of fasting, we are more uplifted in our spirit to believe the scripture and act on it. The intense spiritual exercise requires total concentration and meditation. There are cases where individuals in a bid to ensure full concentration journey to mountain tops and other remote locations. This period is used for meditating on the word of God. The more of God’s word in us, he more our faith will increase.

Fasting enable us to give ourselves to prayer

The period of fasting is normally accompanied with intense prayers and intercession.

Fasting gives the believer the opportunity to be fervent in prayer and be spiritually charged. Such prayers are normally channeled towards spiritual cleansing, commitments, forgiveness, petition and spiritual breakthrough.

It revives our spirit

Fasting can be compared to recharging of a car battery. When the battery has lost charging current, it needs to be place under charge for several hours before it can be used again. There comes a time in a believer’s life, when every aspect of life seems dormant and dry. At such moment, the need for fasting cannot be ruled out.

It enables us to walk in the spirit

It is also a period of walking in the spirit, as the essence of waiting upon God is to subdue the flesh and allow the spirit to dominate. Speaking in tongues while in the mode of prayers and singing spiritual songs also highlight ways of walking in the spirit. As long as we are in the spirit during the period of fasting, we cannot fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Finally, fasting will enable you experience tremendous victory as it helps to achieve the following:

  • To loose the bands of wickedness
  • To undo the heavy burden
  • To let the oppressed go free
  • To break every stronghold of the enemy

Source by Clement Sadjere

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