The Side Effects Dilemma

In theory it’s easy to take good care of your health. Eat balanced food choices including fruits, vegetables, and grains; and if you eat meats, this means ensuring that they are lean. On top of eating right, you need to get regular exercise, proper rest, and find ways to de-stress. If your food choices leave you with nutritional deficits, take the appropriate supplements; and when your bones and muscles aren’t working soundly, visit a chiropractor to get them sorted out. It all sounds pretty easy, right? In theory yes, however so many don’t follow these simple steps in order to keep their health in check.

“I take Metformin for the diabetes caused by the Hydrochlorothiazide I take for high blood pressure which I got from the Ambien I take for insomnia caused by the Xanax I take for the anxiety that I got from the Wellbutrin I take for chronic fatigue which I got from the Lipitor I take because I have high cholesterol because a healthy diet and exercise with regular chiropractic care and superior nutritional supplements are just too much trouble!”

And then one day out of the blue, up pops health issue number one. Since it’s easier, and because they truly can’t be bothered to eat right and increase exercise etc, many will look to medication to deal with an issue such as – high blood cholesterol, for example. High blood cholesterol is simple to correct with a healthy diet, or even with a reasonably healthy diet coupled with holistic supplements. However, if healthier ways aren’t adopted, medications may be administered to remedy such health issues.

The medicines we take may lead to further health problems. We call such issues ‘side effects’; but when they go beyond mild, they can in fact become health issues as large, or even larger than the one you initially took the medication to combat. So if you don’t take the necessary basic steps to rectify your health, what happens when the side effects of your medication begin to loom large? Will you perhaps take other medications to fix the health issues it causes?

The aforementioned statement sounds crazy – absolutely insane as a matter of fact. But imagine this – it happens all the time, simply because we are so deeply immersed in everyday life, that we don’t stop long enough to think and to comprehend the bigger picture of our overall health. In other words, if such a scenario were to emerge, most would remain unaware of the fact that it was happening.

It’s relatively simple to put an end to this vicious cycle. Stop right now to think up a newer, healthier grocery list. Then go out and shop for those items. Eat healthier from what you buy. Exercise, take steps to release stress and tension. After you have converted to your newer, healthier way of living, do an assessment to determine any dietary shortcomings and take the necessary supplements to create balance within your new regimen.

SIMPLE, yes, in theory it is! The only thing possibly standing in your way is you. Open your mind today in order to create the newer, healthier lifestyle that YOU deserve.

Source by Oankar Kundan

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