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It is always exciting when you learn new things & finally achieve something. Well at last I have published my first book after a 2 year delay, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Winston Churchill used to say never, never give up. If there is something you really want stick with it until it comes to fruition. I love challenges although at the time they can be very frustrating.

Well this is how self-publishing is done: Createspace is a website especially for self publishers. On this website you are taken through all the stages from choosing a title to marketing your book. It is free to use.

The cover can be designed by them, outsourced, or using their tools and templates you can design it yourself. Your manuscript is uploaded onto their website. Formatting again can be outsourced or done yourself. You can proof your book, from a PDF or online.

When it has been approved you press a create button and your new book is born. An exciting moment. Your book can also be produced as a kindle book or a paper back.

Marketing and pricing are also covered on the website with the opportunity to choose some of their services. The beauty of the system means when orders come in for your book they are then printed, the cost of this is taken from the sale price and you are paid an agreed percentage. You set the retail price for your book

All stages can be taken care of by create space if you are prepared to pay for the service, or you can outsource anything you don't wish to do yourself or you can accept the challenge and discover how to do it. I did out-source the formatting, and it was done beautifully in no time and inexpensively.

On YouTube you will find some great help videos, instructions from others who regularly self publish.

It was quite a learning curve and technical for me, but very rewarding seeing it completed with a glossy cover and neat pages. I would like to think it is the first of many, now I have learned how.

What things would you love to do if you had the confidence? Do It! You have little to lose and much to gain!

So make this an exciting year, face your challenges and be rewarded with new skills and confidence and possible a paying hobby.

Have a great year!

Source by Anne O'Dwyer

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