The Suit That Keeps On Giving

Even if you are not a professional, you already know that jeans and t-shirts are not suitable everywhere. So, for the man who wears the suit once in a blue moon, here are some tips for owning the same suit for a number of occasions. Just 3 words to remember, accessorize, shirts, and mix-match.

1) Event: Weddings, Dinner Parties, Black Tie Events

These events usually require a jet-black suit. Remember to keep your style as simple and as casual as possible.

a) Accessory: If a black tie is not required, add some flare with a multi-colored bow tie with a matching square. Black shoes are always suitable.

b) Shirt: Whether a black tie is required or, go with a white shirt. A crisp white shirt looks sleek against any black suit.

c) Mix-match: Almost never mix and match for these events. Sometimes at weddings, a gray suit is acceptable against a pink or purple shirt, but be careful when adding accessories. Too many colors are sensitive to the eye and you will convey disarray against your personality and with others.

2) Event: interviews, business events

For interviews, a plain black, blue, or gray suit is suitable. When attending a business event, you can take a bigger risk with plaid or striped suits.

a) Accessory: Choose a color that stands out such as blue, red or pink. A simple accessory will blend you in with the other candidates. Likewise with a business event, choose a tie with multiple patterns provided it matches with your suit. Too many patterns like too many colors can be visually confusing.

b) Shirt: If both the suit and tie are solid colors, add some flare with a striped shirt. Try to match the color of the stripes to the color of your tie.

c) Mix-match: Although shoes are supposed to match the accessories, a basic suit should complement the shoes. Therefore, black shoes should match a black suit. Gray shoes should match a gray suit. Keep the colors of your attire simple and fashionable. The shoes are to the suit as the accessories are to the shirt. This does not mean that you are unable to wear black shoes with a gray suit. This only means that the fewer colors you wear (3-4), the easier it will be for others to convey your ideas and viewpoint without wondering if you are colorblind.

3) Event: Casual Everyday

This is the best and easiest way to express you true personality in an informal manner. Forget the rules and everything mentioned above. You are free to express yourself in this environment without propriety. Just remember that everything you wear is a form of visual communication.

a) Accessory: Casual wear does not require a tie. Focus on your belt, watch, necklace, rings, and so forth. It is here where your shoes (unless wearing sneakers) can match.

b) Shirt: t-shirts are always the first option in casual wear, but a dress shirt can work wonders. A distinct plaid or dark shirt will stand out in a crowd.

c) Mix-match: Again, visual communication is key. Too many colors and plaids may confuse people. Try wearing jeans with a very vibrant blazer. Or keep the blazer simple and match it with a vibrant formal shirt or t-shirt.

Source by Kashopae Evans

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