The Suspender Belt

Suspender belts were first introduced in 1906, but proved unpopular and were withdrawn from the market. They were re-introduced in the late 1920s and were a great success, their popularity peaking in the 1930s.

The use of suspender belts had nearly disappeared during the 1960s, largely due to the significant popularity of tights as an alternative to stockings. Suspender belts were now specialized items, rather than an everyday item for foundation wear manufacturers.

Changes in outerwear fashions also influenced what women wore underneath their clothes. The increasing popularity of mini skirts, tights and trousers for women brought large changes to the foundation wear industry. These led to the decrease in demand of the suspender belt and increase in demand for bras and pantie girdles.

Suspenders date from the early 1900's but had youthful appeal in the 1950s and 1960s for teenage girls who did not need girdles for support but needed something to enable them to wear stockings. Sales continued until Charnos 'Hold-me-Tights' were introduced in 1969 and made suspender belts almost extinct.

They are still sold through some department stores, as well as catalogs and websites, because many women find them more comfortable than girdles or tights. There is also an element of sex appeal too, because many men like their wives or partners to wear gaerter belts and stockings rather than tights as they are commonly used as sexy fetish clothing in certain cultures.

Another alternative are panties with attached suspender straps, similar to those seen in some of the men's magazines in the early 1960s. Suspender belts today are available in a variety of colors and materials, red and black being the most popular color.

Source by Lynn Winter

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