The Toasty Boys Story

From film to fashion, designer Christopher Anthony encompasses the fun, fresh perspective needed to drive your typical men’s wear line to the next level. Christopher initiated his creative energies by moving to Los Angeles. He began an acting career at the famed Beverly Hills Playhouse, one of LA’s oldest and most respected acting schools. For 1 full year, he worked on his craft, achieving several acting jobs, despite having no previous experience. Although the allure of TV and film was strong, Christopher’s next role would be a part destined for his real life: fashion designer.

After moving back to Chicago, he became instantly reminded of the cold weather. Chicago, famous for being the Windy City, soon brought the realization one day that his “boys” were, in fact, cold! With a newly formed actor’s imagination in hand, Christopher Anthony suddenly tapped into his creative intuitions.

As a youth, Christopher often bought thermal underwear to create his own custom, warm boxers. So when that first chilly Chicago day arrived, Christopher went to the local department store to once again buy his reliable, warm and comfortable thermal long johns. As he had always done as a child, he cut the legs off, instantly turning them into boxer briefs. This exact moment would soon change his life. He realized this childhood creation would transform the current men’s wear trends.

Yet, why had no one ever thought of making these before? He had never seen them in any store. Immediately, his creative flow and energy ignited his artistic side. Christopher wanted to create these new boxer briefs, himself and a new designer was born.

With initial entrepreneurial doubts as how to make this happen, he set off on a fashion mission. Despite never designing before, Christopher dove into the experience, preparing a list of manufacturers to call. The very first company he spoke with, as if written in the stars, agreed to help.

Later that same day, he turned his TV on, only to stumble upon CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. Never watching this before, the show’s topic instantly grabbed his attention: How to make millions making underwear! Hmm, a sign! Maybe?

Two days later, he turned back to The Big Idea with guest speaker Sara Blakely of Spanx. She proceeded to tell Donny how she created the first footless pantyhose by simply cutting the feet off of her old ones. Fate? As someone who believes there are no coincidences, Christopher knew he was on his way to creating an innovative new company.

With needing a brand name as the next step towards conquering his dreams, Christopher asked himself the question, “What do these boxer briefs do for me?” “Well, they keep my “boys” toasty and warm when it’s cold”, he answered. Perfect!

Toasty Boys were born.

As an organic underwear line made from 100% naturally grown cotton (i.e. No Pesticides), Toasty Boys provide a comfortable and secure fit, allowing your “boys” to stay in the perfect temperature despite the elements outside. Plus, the line’s great look, fun vibe, and amazingly soft feel, instantly, set Toasty Boys apart.

Soon, this one simple idea sparked Christopher’s interest in creating additional underwear designs. Now, Toasty Boys (Fall/Winter) will be accompanied by Bamboo Boys for the Spring/Summer with a women’s line (think Buns) appearing soon.

With a childhood tradition combined with remarkable twists of fate, Christopher Anthony is truly a designer with the individuality to conquer the underwear world.

Source by Jessica Mccafferty

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