The Top 3 Ways to Get the Best Free Hair Accessories For a Red Dress

You’ve bought your best red dress, and now you need to accessorize. Unfortunately you just spent your last bit on the dress, and shoes. How will you find your hair accessories? Are you out of luck? Everything cost money these days it seems, but as it happens, there are plenty of free offers on the internet, one just has to look for them.

3. Try a site like Freecycle. They’re a website, that hosts classified ads for free items. You can join a Freecycle group in your neighborhood. The best part is, not only can you search for items that are being given away, but you can also list a request. Sign up, sign in, and than let everyone know that you have an event to go to, a great red dress, but haven’t found the right hair accessories to go with. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of people will to part with hair accessories that will suit your red dress.

2. Check out blogs and websites that offer free giveaways. There are many fashion related blogs on the web, that offer items to readers for a variety of reasons, such as: You that make a comment and are picked, you offer mention of their blog on your blog, you tweet or retweet about them.

1. Ask your friends for any crafts items they might have, and make the perfect red dress hair accessory for yourself. A comb, ribbon, feather, lace, all of these can help you make the perfect accessory. Websites like have tutorials on how to make a vintage style feather hair Fascinator. You’ll be surprised, what you can dream up, when you grab a few key craft items.

It may seem like it’s difficult to get something free, but when you know where to look, it’s not that hard at all!

Source by Janna Williams

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