The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Custom Window Treatment

Everyone finds themselves bored with their rooms at one time or another. Painting always seems like an easy fix, but it never really changes the inflection or elevates the style. A custom window treatment, however, can efficiently and effectively alter a space. Below are several options to consider when you find yourself itching to make a dramatic change to your home.


Ring Topped drapes can be pleated with inverted pleats, pinch pleats, soft pleats, or goblet pleats, which add a touch of elegance. They are hung on a rod with rings of wood or steel and can vary in style.

Rod Pocket Drapes are gathered at the top and can provide the ambiance of a country cottage. For a farmhouse chic aesthetic, choose a classic pattern or crisp, white cotton.

Tab tops are commonly used in homes that prefer the “less is more” look. Tabs can be plain or knotted. Some tabs are sculpted to have a softly gathered appearance at the top and are then slimmed to create a perfect connection to the drapery top.

Grommet Topped Curtains are elegant and understated. They consist of long swaths of fabric attached to an exposed curtain rod by oversized rings. They can be as comfortable in a contemporary style home as they are in a palace.

Top Treatments

Top Treatments bring a new and urbane character to a custom window treatment.

Cornices are the icing on the drapery cake. They hide all the hardware and provide a charming warm atmosphere to the room. Some cornices are carved from attractive wood, while others are covered with paint or fabric.

Valences are functionally similar to cornices but are often more embellished. They are generally attached to windows with an L-shaped rod.


Shades add another layer of custom window treatment, and there are a plethora from which to choose.

Roman shades come in several designs. Flat, hobbled, and soft options give a more controlled look associated with more contemporary homes. The slouched and the pleated balloon, on the other hand, offers softness to any décor. If you want to make a grand statement, the shirred balloon shade is a magnificent choice.

The classic shade also offers many options. It can open from the top or the bottom either manually or by remote control. They can also be combined with draperies or a valence or dressed up with a braided tie, cleats, or tassels.

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