The Ultimate Plus Size Clothing Store

Fashion Bug has been one of my favorite stores for many years. I used to shop there in the 80’s when I was in high school and I still shop there today, twenty-something years later. Fashion Bug stores aren’t the most common stores you see around, but that’s a good thing. Buying your clothes at Fashion Bug will guarantee that you won’t run into people wearing the same clothes you have hanging in YOUR closet, or worse, that you’re wearing! I like that. I like that a lot. I like to have a little individuality, without having to be outlandish in my fashion style.

The main thing that has kept me shopping at Fashion Bug from my teens to my thirties is the range of sizes they carry. As I’ve gotten older, and more voluptuous, Fashion Bug has gone from being one of my favorite hip teen stores to one of my favorite plus size clothing stores. They carry a full range of sizes in all of their clothing and all of the accessories you will ever need.

Fashion Bug has some of the best plus size trendy clothing I’ve seen. I won’t buy jeans anywhere else! They have plain jeans, embroidered jeans, and my favorite….jeans with bling on the pockets. Fashion Bug is one of the only stores for plus size women that has jeans which are flattering and stylish and as young looking as you are.

They don’t just carry jeans though! They have a wide selection of fashionable clothing including vintage print tees, tank tops, hoodies and active wear. Fashion Bug has a full selection of clothing suitable for office or evening wear. They also carry bridal gowns and if you need a new swimsuit for the honeymoon, you’ll find that there too!

I really just can’t say enough about them. Out of all of the plus size clothing stores out there, Fashion Bug is my absolute favorite. Their range of styles and flattering designs are perfect for every young (or young at heart) lady out there. Their fantastic and frequent sales make shopping there easy on my budget also! Next time you’re looking for something fresh and new, find your nearest Fashion Bug! I promise you won’t regret it!

Source by Abby Wilshire

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