They spent four years ignoring the truth that Melania posed nude. Now, my Christian pals are attacking Jill Biden, who has a PhD, for daring to make use of the prefix “Dr.” This isn’t about slut shaming Melania. It’s about exposing the double customary. They’ll tolerate a nude mannequin over an informed girl. : atheism

As quickly as this op Ed revealed and bought information consideration, all my good Christian pals began berating Jill Biden on social media for being a phony and a fraud. “Not an actual physician.”

They have been silent, nonetheless, for 4 years about how Melania posed VERY nude.

They have been keen to tolerate a nude mannequin within the White Home, however an informed girl? That drives them insane.

Let me be clear: This isn’t about Slut shaming Melania. That is about exposing the double customary.

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