Things To Consider Before Joining A Dance Studio

If you think you have a flare for dancing and want to go pro at it, it’s best to join a dance studio. Many studios offer qualified instructors, open performing arts platforms and a comfortable environment for dancers. However, not all fulfill the requirements of a good studio. Just to make sure that you don’t end up in the wrong place or with a poor instructor, it’s important to consider the following things before you join a studio:

Qualified and Experienced Instructors

You love dancing and you want to become an expert at it by practicing regularly, so it’s vital to make sure your mentor is qualified and experienced. A certified, qualified and experienced instructor can help you master your dancing skills and urge you to practice more and improvise during the lessons. Moreover, a good instructor doesn’t only teach you dance, but is also honest, patient and a great source of motivation for his or her student.

Enrollment Agreement

Another vital thing that signifies a good dance studio is that it’s registered with the respective authorities to teach dance to people in their premises. This is important so you know that your dance studio fulfills all legal requirements set by the state law. In addition to that, upon registration, the dance studio should tell you the charges for the lessons and the number of classes you will be entitled to avail.

The Types of Dances Taught

If you want to learn hip hop, does this particular dance studio offer that? Do they have a particular trainer for hip hop or just instructors who teach all sorts of dances? Make sure you don’t land an instructor who is the jack of all and the master of none. You want a master, not a jack. Choose dance studios that have dedicated instructors for the dance type you want to learn.


When you look out for studios, you will find many. However, like the saying goes, “old is gold”, you must look for dance studios that have been out in the industry for many years. Many studios are decades and decades old, while others are somewhat new and inexperienced. So whom can you trust better? Naturally, the one that has been there for decades and, has brought out excellent dancers until date, is the one you want to choose.

Flawless Facility

Last, but not the least, you must look for a studio that provides excellent facilities for dancers. Dancing is a sweaty business, so it’s important that the studio has air conditioners, is clean and hygienic, and has shower rooms and changing rooms that match quality standards. In addition, a reputable dance studio has a prop shop, jewelry, clothes and other things specifically required for a dance routine.

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