Third Grade Science Fair Projects

Primary children are the best age group for a teacher to handle. They are small and curious to know and learn a lot. They are still simple, loving and obedient. If the teacher makes her class interesting by giving them third grade science fair projects, they understand very well and the concept becomes crystal clear in their minds.

A third grade science fair project for body parts – Make them place their palm and fingers on a piece of thick paper and trace the outline of all the fingers, the children can color the same, they can label the names of the different fingers and some children are innovative, they even decorate the ring finger by drawing a ring and paste shiny beads to depict a ring, some of them color the nails with nail polish.

Houses for human beings made with thick card board, huts with dried leaves, nest with twigs, cotton etc. The teacher can teach how the house protects us from heat, cold, rain, enemies etc.

How to keep the house clean can be an extension of the previous topic. The children should be taught to put waste paper or any other waste item in the dust bin. Make a dustbin without spending money with the concept of “Handwork out of Waste”.

Animals, birds and their young ones — cut pictures of big animals with their young one and make a third grade science fair project or a scrap book.

Plants need air, sunlight, and water to grow. Take two plants and make them grow in different pots – one pot is placed outside whereas the other pot inside a cardboard box. Cut a small hole in any one side so that the sunlight can come through that hole. Observe after few days.

Does the amount of fertilizers given to a plant affect the growth? Take three plants, first one give only water, for the second one water plus little fertilizer and the third one water plus more of fertilizer, watch the plants, you will be surprised the one with only water is the best, so don’t give too much of fertilizer to the young plant, once in a while one can give little bit.

Different kinds of soil can be made in small transparent pouches and pasted in the main chart.

Food, balanced diet can be done in a pyramid form, so that the children know which food is more important for the body. Eating healthy food and being healthy can be depicted as ladders, and the diseases one can get can be depicted as snakes and make a Snakes and Ladder project. The third grade science fair projects are easy to make, easy to explain and easy to understand for the children. Once a child makes or sees a third grade science fair project, he/she will never forget the scientific concept they learned from it.

Source by Jordan Matthews

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