This viral video of Trump supporters screaming at a reporter is a Rorschach check of America proper now : politics

That describes Trump, definitely.

These individuals are simply ignorant minions. They’ve empathy for one another however have discovered a valve to vent their frustration and anger. That valve is the perceived ‘different’. The ‘different’ can change (immigrants, democrats, the media, Hilary, and so on.) however there’s all the time an ‘different’ on whom to vent. Trump, the evil con man, silly as he’s, understands this and makes use of it to permit evil to stream and march.

It’s my place that these ignorant minions, whereas not evil, are harmful and unable to be moved with cause. They have to be put down and chased again below their rocks. Not understood, not coddled, not welcomed. Excoriated, embarrassed and throttled. They’re loud however finally few.

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