Three Great Unknown Soft Drinks

I love a good soda. I know it’s not good for me, but everyone has their vices. I’ve been a soda lover ever since my youth, and always try to find some good, new undiscovered ones whenever I can. Here are three that I really love to drink, but don’t hear too many people talking about them.

1. Virgil’s black cherry cream soda. Talk about a great drink. This has the perfect blend of black cherry and vanilla, and I seriously can’t get enough. It’s made with real cane sugar, which gives it a crisp taste. You’ll notice that all sodas I mention here are actually made with real cane sugar, as this is how I prefer to drink my sodas.

2. I’m a huge fan of the new Steaz product line. These come in a glass bottle and while they’re technically green tea, they’re blended with sodas to create a completely unique form of soft drink. Some of the flavors include orange, root beer, raspberry, and some more like lemon lime. I’m a huge fan of these, and I think they’ll grow in popularity over the coming months and years.

3. My favorite soda out there is a nice bottle of Boylan’s sugar cane cola. What’s cane cola, you may ask? Well, it’s just like Coke or Pepsi in terms of flavor, only this one tastes more pure and original to me. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s made with cane sugar, or simply the fact that all Boylan sodas seem to be great.

Source by Todd Grummans

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