Three Reasons To Visit The Gumbo Shop

There are actually two gumbo shops in the USA, one in Louisiana and the other in Missouri. Both serve good creole food.

Let’s start with the Gumbo Shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. The first reason you need to check this place out is that it is close to many other creole-style restaurants. So, if you plan on spending a few days in New Orleans, this restaurant can be one of the places you eat at, in your effort to experience authentic “Louisiana food.” Their address and phone number is:

630 St Peter St,

New Orleans, LA 70130

Ph: 504-525-1486

The second reason to eat there is that they not only serve delicious food, but they do so in an attractive environment. Aside from the seating options available indoors, the New Orleans Gumbo Shop also offers outdoor seating. So on a clear, sunny day, you can enjoy the beauties of the outdoors as you chow down on some cajun food.

Finally, the third reason is that they offer options for vegetarians. The vegetarian dish of the day is only $9.99, and there are plenty of side orders, salads, and deserts that are safe for vegetarians, as well.

The other Gumbo Shop is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Although both restaurants claim the same name, they are not associated with each other. The only similarity they have is that they both offer Louisiana-style creole food.

There are three reasons you should check out this restaurant if you find yourself in St. Louis. But first, here is their address and phone number:

9501 Manchester Road

Rock Hill, MO 63119

Ph: (314) 918-8747

The first reason you should visit this restaurant is that it is reasonably small. If you prefer dining in a more relaxed atmosphere, this is the place to be. It seats approximately 30 to 40 people, so you’re not alone, but you’re not crowded either.

The second reason to check out this place is that it’s one of the few places outside of New Orleans that cooks up some authentic Louisiana-style food. Not many places have the experience and history that these guys have.

Finally, the Gumbo Shop in St. Louis offers catering. So if you have a big company event or family reunion coming up, this may be a perfect option for you. Also, the restaurant’s hours are fairly limited, so if you happen to want to eat their food when you know they won’t be open, just order a bunch of food ahead of time and invite the neighbors over for some good food!

Whichever place you find yourself – New Orleans, or St Louis – try out one of these Gumbo Shops to experience authentic creole food.

Source by Jonathan Hostetler

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