Three Week Motivational Eating Plan

Follow these tips for three weeks. You’ll see start building great empowering eating rituals and habits that will allow you to lose weight and create the body of your dreams.

Day 1

Get someone to take a picture of you and weigh yourself. Hide this picture away where you’re not able to see it. Get yourself a journal and write down the date and your weight.

Day 2

Write down your eating goals for the week in your journal. Write down what foods you’re going to eat, at what times and how good it’s going to make you feel when you eat like this.

Day 3

Find a picture of someone’s body you admire and would love to have. Stick it just above you bed, or in a place where it’s the first thing you see in the morning and last thing you see before you go to bed.

Day 4

Spend 10 minutes with your eyes closed visualising the body you want. See yourself like you’re in a big blockbuster movie when happy, healthy and full of energy with the body of your dreams.

Day 5

Think of the most disgusting thing you could ever put in your mouth. Something along the lines of a cup of mucus, puss or vomit. Imagine yourself drinking or eating this for about 3 minutes until you feel totally disgusted. Now think of eating the food you’ve been struggling to give up.

Day 6

Use this breathing technique when you get a craving. Breathe out until you have no more breath in your lungs – you’ll automatically have to breathe back in again. Do this three times.

Day 7

Go back to your journal and see how you’ve done this week. Rate your success on a scale of 1-10 and write in down in your journal.

Day 8

It’s the start of a new week. Go back to your journal and write down all you eating goals for the week. Think of a good incentive if you beat your previous week’s score.

Day 9

Spend 10 minutes visualising yourself happy and healthy in a blockbuster movie. See everything through your own eyes, hear the sounds through you own ears and feel how good it feels to have the body you want.

Day 10

Spend 10 minutes visualising yourself in every situation where you may having eaten junk food in the past. See yourself calmly and confidently refusing any junk food and being happy about your decision.

Day 11

Write down in your journal all the negatives outcomes that continuing to eat these junk foods will give you in the future. Now write down all the positive outcomes that refusing to eat these foods will give you in the future.

Day 12

Spend 10 minutes looking at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself out loud how proud you are of yourself for being so dedicated and disciplined you’ve been for the last 12 days.

Day 13

Go out and have some fun today. Have one meal today that you’ve really been craving.

Day 14

Go through your journal and see how well you’ve done this week. Write down what you’ve accomplished and give it a score out of 10. Reward yourself for beating last week’s score.

Day 15

The start of your third week. Write down all your eating goals for the week in your journal. Challenge yourself this week and nothing less than an 8/10 score will be acceptable!

Day 16

Look up 5 inspirational quotes from successful people about determination, persistence and success. Write them down and stick them on your mirror where you can read them every day.

Day 17

Spend 10 minutes visualising yourself eating all the amazingly healthy foods, you’ll be eating this week. Make the images in your mind bigger, brighter and more colourful, the sounds louder and imagine the amazing feeling of energy and vitality, these foods will give you.

Day 18

Visualise yourself being fat, overweight, fatigued and miserable for 5 minutes. When you feel really terrible, think of eating a food you’ve been craving, that you know is bad for you.

Day 19

Get yourself into a Peak State by changing your physiology to that of someone that’s happy and healthy and focus on being happy and healthy. Now spend 10 minutes in this Peak State visualising yourself looking and feeling great.

Day 20

Go out today and let your hair down. Relax and enjoy a meal that you really want.

Day 21

Have a look in your journal and notice what you’ve achieved this week. If you’ve achieved at least 8/10 – give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself with something you enjoy.

You’ve now successfully created new eating habits. When you see this as a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix, you’ll have created a lasting change. Take a new picture of yourself and weigh yourself. Find the old picture and your start weight and compare the difference in just three weeks. Imagine the difference 6 months or a year could make?

Source by Ross Chouler

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