TIL a Guatemalan boy noticed troopers come into his village and homicide his dad and mom together with the remainder of the village, was adopted and raised in an abusive family by one of many males who massacred the villagers, and later gave testimony that despatched the killer to jail with a 6,000 yr sentence : todayilearned

The CIA is a terrorist group of the very best normal. Like, their work has a better direct + oblique bodycount than even like ISIS. It is warfare crime central over there. Completely disgusting–made even worse by the truth that such a good portion of the homeland populous thinks they’re benevolent, superior secret brokers maintaining the world protected (definitively not the results of Operation Mockingbird).

Oh yeah, and so they banned my reddit account for a number of days after I talked about that the present reddit director of c(o)n(t/e(n(t)// p=o==li==cy is, because of latest FOIA releases, a CIA plant. (Observe: dodging any automated sensors, given my account might be flagged at this level.

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