Time Management Secrets of Top Business Executives I

Part 1 of 3

The Value of Time

Over the past 22 years I have had the honor and privilege of working with literally hundreds of chief executives (both male and female) from all walks of life, and from every business sector imaginable. One of the greatest lessons I have learned from these incredible successful individuals is this; they do not allow people to waste their time- period. They live and operate according to a daily schedule, and very seldom do they deviate from that schedule. This critical success trait is one that I find lacking among the unsuccessful.

Now, I do not say this lightly, because I have spent the greater part my career, which spans some forty plus years, teaching and coaching people from around the world, on the success principles I have gleaned from studying, interviewing, and spending quality time with highly successful men and women. What I have concluded, based on my own life experiences is this; there seems to be a “value gap” between the highly successful, and those who simply eke out a living for themselves. This “value gap” can be found in the differences these two groups place on education and knowledge, money and finance, and time and opportunities.

When I teach time management strategies to my students around the country, I challenge them to call their governor or senator and ask to see the right away. What do you think the response will be? Chances are you will get one of their representatives, and unless the subject matter is sufficient enough to get the governor’s attention (I.e. some critical communication) you stand a slim to non chance of ever seeing the governor at all. Why, I ask, do we respect the time of other people (whom we deem important), but we don’t get other people to respect our time in the same fashion? Day after day, we allow people to waste our time.

It’s All The Same Time

Here is the first lesson on time management that everyone must learn. The governor, the mayor, your senator, your congressman, your minister, and everyone else all get the same amount of time each day. That time equates to 1,440 minutes a day, and there are no roll over minutes in life. It is either use of lose. Each and every day you must use all of the 1,440 minutes you are given, because there is no such thing as saving time. Time can only be managed, not saved. Broken down by the hour, each day we all have:

1. 8 hours to work.

2. 8 hours to play.

3. 8 hours to sleep.


The difference with busy executives is, like governors and senators, they have a daily plan and they don’t allow unscheduled interruptions to knock them off track and ruin their day. They schedule specific times to look at their email, to return phone calls, to attend meetings, to play golf, even to get their haircut. They guard those 1,440 minutes as if they were 1,440 blocks of gold, because for them, time really is money. Successful people treat their time like precious jewels, and it is this lack of value for time, that cause others to fail.

In my next article I will reveal how busy executives get more done in one day, than most people get done in one week, and exactly how to employ these same strategies.

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