Tips For Choosing Bridal Shoes

Ahhhh… the search for bridal shoes. It started at your dress shop – you looked at stilettos, peep toes, heck even sneakers (don’t even think about attempting the Thriller Dance in heels). Frustrated and unable to find the right shade of white (alabaster? ivory? off-white?), you give up. Two days before the wedding, you find yourself on the island of rejected shoes, looking for a pair – any pair. And you finally settle for an unsightly mule found in the orthopedic section.

Sound too familiar?

Wedding Shoe Shopping

Wedding shoe shopping may sound super fun (especially if you swoon for shoes), but may prove to be one of the most difficult and surely overlooked items on your wedding list! Here are some tips for women to choose the right fit and style for nuptial attire.

After you pick out the dress, it’s time to pick out the shoes. Choose shoes that reflect the style of your dress. Go to your local mall and window-shop the various looks available. Try flats and high-heels in order to determine what would look better with your dress and what will be more comfortable. Shoes that are comfy from the start will be easier to break-in. Also consider the venue: if you are getting married on a beach, flats or dressy flip-flops might be a better choice than glittering strappy sandals. High heels are a no-no for a beach wedding – unless you’ve mastered the perilous art of sand strolling.

Make sure you pick the right heel height – and get your dress altered while you’re wearing them! Before you shop for high heels, check your size with a shoe clerk. Most women wear a size smaller in heels. Weight-loss or gain may cause your feet to shrink or swell.

In the past, bridal shoes were white to match the dress, but nowadays many brides are accenting their dress with pops of color in the shoe. Some web sites allow you to create your own shoe. These sites allow you to choose from either open-toed or closed, display many colors and patterns, and choice of heel height with the option to add lace or ruffles.

To relieve your aching tootsies a bit, have comfy shoes like ballet slippers or flip-flops for the reception. You can buy these shoes decorated and/or have them monogrammed specially for your wedding, or have a slumber party with your bridesmaids and decorate them yourself.

There are so many types of padding available to wear with high-heel shoes! From foam pads to gel circles, each has unique benefits for your feet. Make sure to try them out when you are breaking-in your new shoes or try them with a pair of old shoes. Remember, there are pads for heels and insoles with emphasis on no-slip and no-sweat!

Put sand in the bottom of the shoe. This will help the shoe grip the ground better and prevent you from an embarrassing tumble down the aisle.

You can also buy dye-able shoes at many bridal retailers. You can order white or ivory shoes online and have them dyed in your wedding color and shipped to your house. Just make sure it is the exact hue you need, otherwise you are stuck with non-refundable shoes in the wrong color. Ask the retailer if you can send them a paint chip from a hardware store of the shade you want, and see if they will be able to match it. Also be sure to find comfortable shoes within your budget. Many a good dollar is lost to beautiful but uncomfortable shoes!

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