Tips For Getting Corporate Public Speaking Gigs

Are you looking for corporate public speaking gigs?

If you know you’re a good speaker and you want to try speaking in the corporate arena you probably already know that corporate public speaking gigs are prestigious. Speakers in those events are highly paid and get a tremendous boost to their reputations.

That being said, in the corporate market, the competition is tough and the job can seem daunting. The audiences are not just your average folks; some are successful businessmen, influential individuals, and high ranking CEOs. Many speakers hover on this very lucrative market earning big money per presentation or product.

As a speaker, if you want to be successful in this niche, you have to be great at what you do and you must have superior marketing and promotional techniques. It is essential to have an excellent reputation either from a specific expertise or from the quality of your work. All of that can only be achieved by having great speaking skills and working to enhance your speeches and get yourself out on the market.

Follow these tips to get booked as a speaker in corporate events.

Have an excellent topic that the corporate buyers are willing to spend money on.

You should know the needs of your niche. It usually needs a bit of humor and comedy but must also include substantial motivational speeches. Presentations may also include information about leadership and coping skills.

Present your topics in such a way that the buyers can easily recognize them.

Topics must appeal and packaged to tailor the needs of corporate buyers.

Have a web presence as part of your promotional campaign

Corporate speakers should have a professional web presence. It should include your picture, bio, presentation credits, testimonials, and a sneak peek of your actual presentations.

Make your site appealing to visit and show off all the good stuff you have done. Show off your prominence and display as many accomplishments as possible. Create a positive aura in your site inviting clients to book you!

Have a professional image

Since you are mostly dealing with professionals here, you have to appear professional yourself. In everything you do act professionally, from talking with prospective clients to answering queries. Have a professional email address; do not use a comical sounding email address when you do not specialize in humorous speeches. Free email accounts are fine but it is always better to have paid one you can personalize.

Create business cards with your personal branding and use a business phone not your home phone answered by your children or your mother.

Network in the niche

It is not what you know; it is all about who you know. Be cordial and amiable off the stage and always network with people in your chosen niche. Know the right people; especially the people who have the influence and power to put you on stage.

It takes quite a lot of skill to pull this off but you can train yourself to do this. Good marketers know the right people in the market. They also know how to get them booked in their events.

Source by James R. Malinchak

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