Tips on How to Sing on Key Consistently

One of the hardest things about singing is consistency. Your vocal chords, just like every other muscle in your body gets tired. It takes a lot of practice be able to be consistent in your singing. Here are some tips on how to sing on key consistently.

An off note can be easily picked out of a song. If you are giving a concert, that means that for an hour or more you have to be consistently on key. Even established singers will hit an occasional off note, and most times it is not because of a lack of talent. Many times when a singer sings off key it is because their voice gives way. This happens because of many things. If you want to sing in tune consistently, it is important that you stretch your vocal chords before performing. Simple exercises, such as do re me fa so la de do, help a lot. Warm up your voice before you sing. This will help avoid your voice cracking, or weakening.

Another tip on how to sing on key consistently is to sing on the breath. If you have taken voice lessons before you have probably been shown how to breathe through your abdomen. Use your breath to carry notes. Singing on the breath helps take the stress off of your vocal chords and puts it on your breath.

How Does Singing With an Instrument Help You?

It is also important that you practice with an in tune instrument. Using a perfect pitch whistle, a tuned guitar, or a piano can help you tell if you are on pitch or not. Work on your scales next to an instrument. This will help you hear the proper pitch, and then help you imitate it.

If you want to sing on key consistently, practice, practice, practice.

Source by Ty Samuelson

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