Tips to Help You Choose Your Wedding Dress

Once you get caught up in arranging the wedding it can be easy to forget that buying your wedding dress is meant to be a pleasurable experience. It’s not something you’re likely ever to do again so at least take some time to enjoy it. Here are a few tips to help choose your dress:

  • Have a good think about the underwear you’ll be wearing on the day as it will have an effect on how comfortable your dress is as well as how it will look. A supportive bra is a must and also consider investing in some good shape wear to help you achieve the perfect silhouette.
  • Keep an open mind and don’t be too set on the style you want – it isn’t until you have tried a few styles that you’ll really know what suits you and what doesn’t.
  • Some bridal shops can be quite small and you may feel a little uncomfortable getting changed and asking for help – don’t be, they do this everyday and will not be phased by your flabby arms or whatever other hang-up you may have.
  • On the subject of flabby arms – it is something many brides worry about and one they go out of their way to try and cover up. In many cases it just isn’t necessary – often the right style of dress is all that’s need to accentuate your more perfect body parts.
  • Don’t rush or be pressured into thinking you have to make a commitment there and then – sometimes it’s better to give yourself space to think – the shop will still be there another day.
  • Check with the retailer how long it will take for alterations to be made and whether they will store the dress for you in the meantime – most will do as part of the service but it’s always a good idea to double check.
  • Get the dress right before you start looking at bridesmaids dresses – it’s a lot easier to find these to match than it is the other way around.
  • Take someone with you by all means but don’t overdo it – the last thing you need is 4 friends all disagreeing on what suits you best. Getting married is a stressful business as it is – so there is no need to make it worse.

Source by Helen X Davies

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