TOP 15: Racist Trump and Republicans Infected Tensions That Led to Boston Tea Occasion-Like Looting

To listen to the media spin it, the rioting and looting that occurred across the nation the previous few weeks was a Boston Tea Occasion-like response to the years of Donald Trump and Republicans fanning the “flames” of “racial hatred.” 

The next are the Prime 15 worst outbursts by liberal hosts and reporters throughout their protection of the George Lynch protests and subsequent riots: 


15. Trump “Fanned” the “Flames” of Racial Hatred 



“The President has incited and divided, has stoked this. His feedback have been as outrageous as they’re unacceptable. President of america fanning these flames, inciting racial hatreds. Simply appalling conduct.”  
— MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt on MSNBC: A Nation on the Brink, Could 31. 


14. Trump’s Republican “Cheerful Collaborators” to Blame for Nation’s “Darkish Path” 

“As President, Trump has lied or misled nearly 20,000 instances by The Washington Submit’s depend. And Republicans have repeated these lies. At first hesitantly however more and more with a lightness of coronary heart, marveling on the ease with which they’ll justify their acquiescence. If america does descent additional down a darkish path, a lot blame will lie with these Republican leaders, Donald Trump’s cheerful collaborators.”
— Host Fareed Zakaria on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, June 7. 


13. Closest Trump Has Gotten to Establishing an American “Autocracy” 

“How would you assess his name for troops, his remedy of the army? Was this the closest to autocracy that we’ve seen to date within the Trump years?”
— Host Brian Stelter on CNN’s Dependable Sources, June 7. 


12. Simply “A Few Individuals” Destroying “A Few Home windows” and “A Few Vehicles” 

“Heavy-handedness appears to be type of the order of the day. I didn’t see any regulation enforcement actually working to guard the protesters in exercising their constitutional First Modification proper to protest. That can be a part of the duty of regulation enforcement, to uphold the Structure….The concept that you could possibly have a number of folks, who break a number of home windows and burn a number of automobiles, after which militarize the entire nation’s regulation enforcement infrastructure, it simply reveals how very tenuous issues are proper now.”
— MSNBC anchor Joshua Johnson on NBC’s Meet the Press, Could 31. 


11. Time to Take the Keys Away From “Drunk Driver” Trump 



“Everyone’s been so frightened about Joe Biden, is he the appropriate man? I feel he’s the proper man. He’s consolation. We’ve a drunk driver; he’s the designated driver to get us house.”
— Former promoting govt/MSNBC host Donny Deutsch on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, June 8. 


10. We Can’t Let “Thug” Trump Rip Aside America 

“The President appears to assume that dominating black folks, dominating peaceable protesters is regulation and order. It’s not. He calls them thugs. Who’s the thug right here? Hiding in a bunker? Hiding behind a swimsuit? Who’s the thug? Individuals have waited for days for this wannabe wartime President to say one thing and that is what he says, and that’s what he does. I’ve seen societies collapse as a reporter. I’ve seen folks dying within the streets whereas protesting. I’ve seen international locations ripped aside by hate and misinformation and lies and political demagogues and racism. We are able to’t let that occur right here.”
— Host Anderson Cooper discussing Trump bringing within the army to cease looters as aired on CNN’s AC360, June 1, 2020. 


9. Trump “Igniting Tensions”



“That is all appearing, all a present and he’s performing what he thinks a pacesetter needs to be like and what he thinks a President of america needs to be like. However guess what? It is a very, very harmful recreation. He’s presumably igniting tensions — not presumably. He’s igniting tensions…. This may occasionally assist his base, however wise Individuals will notice, they usually know America isn’t a dictatorship. America isn’t a police state.”
— Host Don Lemon discussing Trump bringing within the army to cease looters, as aired on CNN’s Erin Burnett Outfront, June 1. 


8. Belittling “Wannabe Dictator” Trump 



Correspondent Jim Acosta: “We’ve now witnessed the President of america working exterior the bounds of U.S. regulation and the custom of what we all know to be our democracy, which is america authorities doesn’t use the army towards civilians on this nation until there’s a rattling good purpose. This simply wasn’t a rattling good purpose. All we ended up with was the President of america wanting like a wannabe dictator so he might stroll over to a church and faux to be involved in regards to the church. It’s only a unhappy and unbelievable factor.”
Host Anderson Cooper: “It’s like in some small nation that’s taken over by some low-level lieutenant — you understand, low-level colonel who will get on the airwaves and declares himself the regulation and order President.”
— Dialogue about President Donald Trump strolling throughout the road from White Home to a fire-damaged St. John’s Episcopal Church, as aired on CNN’s AC360, June 1. 


7. Trump Deliberately “Inflaming Racial Division” to Rally His Racist Base



“This President, he is aware of precisely what he’s doing. He’s inflaming racial division on this nation as a result of he thinks — not solely does he assume —  he is aware of it really works for him in sure circles in his base.”
— Host Don Lemon on CNN’s The State of affairs Room, Could 29. 


6. “Wannabe Wartime President” Is “Harmful” and “Damaging” to America

“Tonight, with flashbang grenades going off and tear gasoline within the air, the President of america, a wannabe wartime President had what he hoped was his MacArthur second, his Patton promise, calling himself our regulation and order President. He mentioned, he’ll ship energetic obligation army troops into American cities and states to dominate, his phrases, dominate demonstrators within the wake of the police killing of George Floyd per week in the past. What occurred on this previous hour can be comical if it wasn’t so harmful and so harmful.”
— Host Anderson Cooper discussing Trump bringing within the army to cease looters as aired on CNN’s AC360, June 1. 


5. Stopping the Looting = “Declaring Warfare on Individuals”



“Open your eyes, America. Open your eyes. We’re teetering on a dictatorship. That is chaos. Has the President — I’m listening — is the President declaring battle on Individuals? What is going on right here?”
— Host Don Lemon discussing Trump bringing within the army to cease looters, as aired on CNN’s State of affairs Room, June 1. 


4. Trump’s “Sneak Assault” On Protesters Simply Like Pearl Harbor

“Like December 7, 1941, Individuals will bear in mind the primary day of June 2020 because the date of a sneak assault towards their countrymen, however whereas that 78-year-old atrocity was perpetrated by a international authorities, this one got here from inside.”
Newsweek White Home correspondent Andrew Feinberg in June 3 Impartial on-line article. 


3. Trump “Not On the Facet of the Union” 

“Lincoln talked in regards to the higher angels of our nature. Who’s the one who’s in our nation who’s pulling the folks collectively, pulling us collectively and making us a union?…We’ve been in a chilly civil battle for fairly a while. Nicely, right this moment, and this week it feels prefer it simply acquired scorching. This chilly civil battle has change into a burning civil battle. And I’m unhappy to say that there, it appears like this time the President isn’t on the facet of the union.”
— CNN political analyst Keith Boykin throughout CNN dwell protection at 1:40am EDT Could 31. 


2. Trump’s “Tiananmen Sq.” Second 



Host John Berman: “Even when your objective is to cease the looting, even when your objective is to dampen a number of the tensions we’ve seen, how is placing lives in danger in entrance of the White Home – how does it assist that finish, Laura? There are folks whose lives had been endangered for that image, you understand, tear gasoline, rubber bullets, flash-bang grenades, you noticed folks getting hit.”…
CNN Authorized Analyst Laura Coates: “The thought of with the ability to specific oneself in entrance of the White Home has been so iconic. It was transformed as an alternative to a model of Tiananmen Sq..”
— Dialogue about President Donald Trump strolling throughout the road from White Home to a fire-damaged St. John’s Episcopal Church as aired on CNN’s New Day, June 2. 


1. Looting and Rioting Simply Like The Boston Tea Occasion



“Let’s not overlook, if anybody judging this, I’m not judging this. I’m simply questioning what’s going on as a result of we had been supposed to determine this experiment a very long time in the past. Our nation was began as a result of — that is how — the Boston Tea Occasion. Rioting. So don’t get it twisted and assume that is one thing that has by no means occurred earlier than and that is so horrible and these savages and all of that. That is how this nation was began.”
— Host Don Lemon describing scenes of looting on CNN Tonight, Could 30. 

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