Top User-Friendly Features That Your Custom App Should Have

Competition in mobile apps space is inevitable with millions of apps flooding in. In the wake of such a scenario, it is essential to make your app more potential with user-friendly aspects. Mobile users are more choosy now. They pick apps that do not just provide them with what they need but provides that at their ease. Clearly, to be better, you need an app that solves their issues, addresses their needs and responds to their concerns immediately, without taking them out of their comfort zone. User-friendly apps development is what hence demanded now. People are not ready to give extra effort to learn how to run fingers on your app! Instead, they will seek for better apps that do not call for such nuisances.

Needless to say, if you’re an avid entrant in the mobile app industry and want your app to make its position strong, bestow it with user-friendly features. Here are some explained to you.

Faster loading

It is proven that a majority of users stop using an app because it either functions slowly or takes too much time while switching from one page to another. To win the attention of your target users at the first instance, work on the loading speed improvements. Providing them with a unique app having lots of new features or stuff to look at is great. But, never at the cost of loading speed! In fact, they prefer simple and fast service than an elaborative and slow one.

Dynamic navigation with icons

Clear and dynamic navigation is the new trend in apps that the app developers are picking fast making use of innovative icons. Swiping feature is replacing the button clicks. Besides, users get icons better than words. Thus, use imaginative icons or logos in your app to enhance the user experience. It also helps in freeing up space in the app giving enough room for white space which enhances the app’s look.

Multiple-language support

Another way you can give your app an upper hand is globalising it with multiple languages support. Imagine anyone in any part of the world or from any local region can view your app in their own language? The feature will definitely let your app earn more users, or to be precise, some loyal users who will think of it as their personal resort.

Offline mode

Many users today think there is no point in having an app that cannot be accessed when they are out of a network territory. But, there might be something essential in the app to look at when there’s no internet connection. So, making it work minimally in offline mode has become a criterion for user-friendliness today. Besides, users many times love using the app endlessly without spending any of their network data.

Social media share buttons

Almost all mobile users are at first social media persons and then an app benefiter. This makes them crave for a feature in every purposeful app they use that will let them share their app activities on social accounts, invite peers to join them, know about app updates, or compete for social rewards. Thus, make it a priority for your app to integrate social media benchmark channels like Facebook and Twitter to win users.

Any business can get an app today. But, making its every aspect user-friendly is the actual challenge. With digital app marketers around the world are recounting instances of higher abandonment, eminent app developers are considering these features to bring a great change in the scenario.

Source by Rob Stephen

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