Trans Fat and the Effect on the Human Body

Fats, calories, obesity…all these life-threatening words seem to be ruling the life of today’s youth. The recent in addition is Trans fat. For those who are not aware, it is a kind of fat which is created when the liquid oils get solidified partial hydrogenation. These fats account for at least 30,000 premature deaths in US within a single year span. The health experts also hold the belief that reducing the intake of these Trans fats would considerably lower down the annual rates of heart attacks (by 6,300).

According to recent researches, Trans fats have been declared as “the biggest food-processing disasters in US history”. You will mostly find them in processed foods like pies, doughnuts, cakes, cookies, potato chips and so on.

The dangers of Trans fats are quite few in number:

o Hardening of arteries – Trans fats accumulate in the arteries over time and eventually when they get clogged, the person suffers from a stroke or heart attack.

o Obesity – It is yet another dangerous resultant of Trans fats. If you consume more of Trans fats, you are sure to become overweight over time, and this again leads to a series of health issues.

To avoid the dangers of Trans fats you can follow some precautionary measures:

o Make use of olive oil in cooking as much as possible.

o Make use of liquid margarine instead of hard stick one.

o When you are planning to go out for meals, make sure you avoid all kinds of junk stuffs.

o Also see it to it that you do not consume food making use of partially hydrogenated oils.

A group called ‘Ban Trans Fats’ has started a national campaign in US to create social awareness. So if you intend to live a healthy life, avoid food items with any percentage of Trans fats.

Source by Daryl Grammer

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