Trending Styles in Party Wear Lehengas

Ornate, beautiful and sophisticated, lehenga cholis are amongst the most beautiful Indian outfits for women. Consisting of a long skirt, a short blouse and a large dupatta, these outfits are somewhat similar to western style evening gowns, except that they consist of three separate pieces. They are quite easy to wear and carry off, despite the glamour and beauty often attached to them, which is why many women are choosing to purchase different party wear lehenga dresses for a variety of formal and celebratory occasions, including evening soirees and get-togethers. Designers have experimented and come up with many modern variations and trendy silhouettes in party lehenga dresses, so that women can now wear them in a non-traditional context without looking odd or out of place. Often the trendiest styles are preferred as party wear, and this can include the choice of silhouette, structure, color and designs:

Trendy Styles

There are many variations of the lehenga choli in terms of the silhouette and structure of the outfit. While the traditional straight cut skirts are the classic favorite, more modern, contemporary silhouettes are often preferred for party wear lehengas. This includes the mermaid cut, with the skirt fitting well till the knees and then flaring out, the a-line skirt where the skirt gradually flares out from the hip till the floor to resemble the capital letter ‘A’ and the body hugging skirts that emphasize the curves of the figure. Certain vintage styles like the voluminous circular ghagra and the paneled lehengas are also coming back into fashion in a big way. In terms of cholis, the most glamorous and fashionable options are the corset style blouses that end just above the navel. Parties are the perfect place to flaunt daring cuts like the backless cholis, halter neck cholis and deep neck cholis. Flowing dupattas add the perfect ethnic touch to complete the outfit, and for parties, they can be arranged in unconventional positions around the wrists or from the back to front.

Trendy Colors

The colors considered in fashion change with every season but at the same time, certain trends can end up defining a generation and in the last few years a trend that seems to be here to stay is that of color blocking. For party wear lehenga dresses, this is implemented in the coloring and pattern of the blouse and the skirt, which nowadays tend to be complementary rather than exactly matching. Sometimes an ornately patterned choli is balanced out by a plain lehenga and vice-versa. Another current trend is the use of bright neon colors and dramatic shades of red, black and gold.

Trendy Fabrics

Parties are the moment to eschew simple fabrics like cotton or rayon and instead go for something more luxurious and glamorous. Party lehenga dresses made of classic fabrics like silk and brocade have an ever-green flavor; however, more sensual fabrics like net, tissue, chiffon and georgette are much loved nowadays, especially amongst the younger generations. In particular, graceful layered net party wear lehengas are very trendy right now.

Source by Hemant Jain

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