Tribute to One of the Best Motivational Speakers and Authors: Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is a different kind of motivational speaker, and proud of it. In reality, he’d probably take offense to the term, as he is a business coach and marketer first… yet his teachings have inspired thousands of individuals to enhance their businesses, for that reason, he qualifies in our ‘top motivational speakers’ list.

Kennedy is globally recognized as a ‘millionaire-maker’, serving folks from all backgrounds to transform their information into wealth. He is named as the “Professor of Harsh Reality” for the reason that he is sarcastic, provocative, irreverent, and says it using an entertaining, but ‘in-your-face,’ ‘no rubbish’ way that no other marketing specialist does quite like Mr. Kennedy.

He promotes that his teachings regarding direct-response marketing are relevant to all sorts of niches and businesses. He is a top specialist in world wide web strategies, direct marketing, copywriting, and revenue improvement systems. Among the core concepts that he encourages to get clientele and potential buyers to come to you, or your enterprise, instead of you pursuing them. To do this, he stresses sequential campaigns consisting of direct-mail letters, postcards, faxes, and more. Copywriting, or ‘salesmanship-in-print’ is his specialty. Dan Kennedy’s multi-step direct-mail campaigns which he composes for himself and for his prospects have been acknowledged with thousands and thousands of individuals generating thousands and thousands in proceeds.

Additionally, Dan Kennedy is the “secret genius” behind quite a few ads you have probably seen in such prominent publications like The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Success, Inc., and USA Today.

Though Kennedy almost never speaks any longer, excluding events sponsored by Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle or a hand-picked activities for exclusive potential consumers, he was previously among the most popular, hard-working speakers in direct marketing-related issues. For instance, it was traditional that in a single year he would speak to more than 200,000 individuals, sharing the platform with other well-known speakers like Tom Hopkins, Mark Victor Hansen, Zig Ziglar, Joe Sugarman, Corey Rudl and Ron LeGrand in the ‘Get Motivated’ seminars. He was consistently the ‘closer,’ selling far more dollar value in products in contrast to nearly all of the other speakers… to a dwindled audience.

He is the author of over 11 books; the most recent of his book is NO B.S. series that are readily available online.

One phenomenal quality about Dan: he is not easy to do business with. He keeps a demanding schedule of speaking, copywriting, training, generating tv commercials consulting and managing his personal company. He seldom remains in his office, only once answering incoming telephone calls and new ‘personal’ potential prospects are requested to present information via fax prior to getting a telephone call scheduled with him. He is militantly opposed to have his time wasted, and he’s known for ‘firing potential buyers’ who he doesn’t like working with.

Source by John Beede

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