Trump Admits He Needs To Shut Down Twitter For Reality Checking Him

Trump admitted to reporters that his objective is to close down Twitter as a result of he doesn’t need any social media firm to reality examine him.

The trade:

TRUMP: If Twitter weren’t honorable…I believe you shut it down, so far as I’m involved, however I’d should undergo a authorized course of.

REPORTER: And the way would you shut down an American firm?

TRUMP: I don’t know. I’d should ask the attorneys. I’d should undergo a authorized course of. If it had been authorized, if it had been capable of be legally shut down, I’d do it.


Trump has made it very clear all through his presidency that his goal has always been to control what the American people watch, hear, and read about him. Trump doesn’t desire a free press. Trump desires a fawning press.

Twitter ought to put reality checks on all of Trump and each different political determine’s false tweets. Trump’s 2016 technique was to make use of the mainstream press as a megaphone for his lies. The President is working the identical marketing campaign in 2020, and he wants to have the ability to lie in an unchecked approach, or else his reelection bid is doomed.

Trump desires to destroy the First Modification. His Twitter distraction is a shot fired in his war against free speech.

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