Trump Assaults Abraham Lincoln For Liberating The Slaves

Trump claimed that he had accomplished extra for African-Individuals than every other president. He then criticized the top results of Lincoln’s presidency.

Trump mentioned, “I believe I’ve accomplished extra for the black neighborhood than every other president, and let’s take a cross on Abraham Lincoln as a result of he did good though it’s all the time questionable, you realize, in different phrases, the top consequence.”


The tip results of Lincoln’s presidency within the context of a dialogue on African-Individuals is that he freed the slaves. Trump has spent the week defending the Confederacy and ended it by showing to oppose the ending of slavery.

Somebody wants to inform Trump that going full Jefferson Davis isn’t going to win any extra Electoral Faculty votes. Trump goes to win the South, however he’s hoping that his racist bullhorn causes the white supremacist motion to get to the polls and energy him to victory over Joe Biden in November.

The Lincoln was president apart from ending slavery message isn’t more likely to play nicely in 2020.

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