Trump Blames Obama For Lightbulb Law That Bush Signed

The full White House has joined Trump’s lightbulb jihad, and they’re blaming Obama for a law that Bush signed in 2007.

The White House tweeted:

Republicans are complaining about the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. The title of the bill gives away the problem. Obama wasn’t president in 2007, so he could not have signed the legislation into law. The lightbulbs that have so enraged Trump became law under Republican president George W. Bush.

The Obama lightbulb conspiracy has been floating around in conservative and right-wing media for years. What began as Obama’s lightbulb socialism has morphed into Trump and the Executive Branch of the United States government declaring war on lightbulbs.

Trump has been ranting about lightbulbs for months. In October, he said, “Of course, who cares about looks? But you do look better with incandescent, but they weren’t allowed, and you have the privilege of buying now a much more expensive bulb, under the passed rules, much more expensive bulb that doesn’t have a good looking light, but maybe very importantly when the bulb is out, and not good, it’s literally considered a hazardous waste site because of all the gasses. If it breaks, you’re supposed to bring it to a certain location, and I say who does that? Nobody. Nobody.”

Right-wing conspiracies and false information are the basis for policymaking under Trump. Bush’s lightbulbs are what Trump is obsessed with, and the president wouldn’t look so orange if he wasn’t slathering bronzing makeup on his face all day.

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