Trump Claims George Floyd Is Celebrating His Jobs Numbers In Heaven

Trump claimed that George Floyd was wanting down from heaven on the newest jobs report and celebrating a terrific day for America.

Trump stated, “All of us noticed what occurred final week. We are able to’t let that occur. Hopefully, George is wanting down proper now and saying, it’s a great point that’s taking place for our nation, there’s a terrific day for him, it’s a nice day for everyone. It’s a nice day for everyone. This can be a nice, nice day by way of equality. It’s actually what our structure requires and it’s what our nation is all about.”


Trump’s declare that the murdered George Floyd was celebrating the drop in unemployment got here on the identical occasion when he silenced PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor for asking a question about systemic racism. George Floyd is useless as a result of the police killed him.

There are protests within the streets that won’t go away due to a brand new jobs report.

Trump tried to hijack the loss of life of George Floyd and use it for his warped political functions.

Trump’s try to make use of Floyd as a political prop was disgusting, and a reminder that the President shouldn’t be solely tone-deaf, he doesn’t care about anybody, however himself.

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