Trump Contaminates Swab Manufacturing facility By Refusing To Put on A Masks

The Maine swab manufacturing unit that Trump visited mentioned that they must throw away the whole lot produced whereas he was there as a result of he didn’t put on a masks.

As reported by USA Today:

Puritan Medical Merchandise mentioned it must discard the swabs, an organization spokeswoman instructed USA TODAY in response to questions concerning the go to.

It’s not clear why the swabs can be scrapped, or what number of. The corporate described its manufacturing plans for Friday as “restricted” – however the disruption comes as public well being officers in Maine and different states have complained {that a} scarcity of swabs has hampered their means to massively scale up coronavirus testing.

Staff in white lab coats, hair nets and plastic booties labored at machines making swabs whereas the president walked via the room. Trump, who didn’t put on a masks for the go to, stopped at one level to speak with a number of the staff.

The nation continues to be within the midst of a swab scarcity that’s limiting the capability of coronavirus testing, so any variety of swabs that have been thrown away equal a delay in sick People not getting examined as a result of Donald Trump refuses to put on a masks.

Trump doesn’t have a well being motive for not sporting a masks. He doesn’t wish to put on a masks as a result of he thinks he’ll look unhealthy and weak if he follows security measures.

It’s not a secret why the swabs have been thrown away. Any swab produced whereas Trump was visiting was probably contaminated and unsafe, as a result of the President didn’t observe procedures.

At a time when swabs are wanted, Trump put himself first and contaminated a manufacturing unit for a photograph op.

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