Trump Does not Seem To Have A Clue How Many Individuals Have Died From The Coronavirus

Demonstrators in Washington D.C. stormed Donald Trump’s hotel on Thursday to position physique luggage exterior the constructing and demand the president’s resignation over his mismanagement of the coronavirus outbreak.

As Rachel Maddow identified, the demonstrators weren’t solely protesting Trump’s response. They had been additionally reminding the president that tens of hundreds of Individuals have died on account of his incompetence – a reality he nonetheless doesn’t appear to know.

“The president does not likely appear up on the truth that 48,902 Individuals have already been killed by this epidemic,” the MSNBC host stated, declaring that Trump stated simply this week that the general demise toll from this pandemic may hit 50,000 when all is claimed and accomplished.

“Barring some type of miracle, the U.S. demise toll goes to hit 50,000 by this weekend. Straightforward,” Maddow stated. “However I don’t know if the president is aware of that.”


Maddow stated:

Folks obtained out of these automobiles and laid physique luggage on the threshold of President Trump’s lodge. ‘Trump lies, individuals die.’ This was a protest right now in Washington. These aren’t actual physique luggage, however they’re meant to represent the hundreds of Individuals who’ve died. The U.S. demise toll from coronavirus, as of right now, is staggering. As of right now, 48,902 Individuals have been killed – and that’s simply over the course of a couple of month. For what it’s price, and once you’re fascinated by whether or not a protest like this would possibly wake the president up, whether or not it would get the president’s consideration somewhat bit, to have physique luggage specified by entrance of his lodge, for what it’s price, the president does not likely appear up on the truth that 48,902 Individuals have already been killed by this epidemic. We all know that he’s not likely up on that quantity. We all know that for certain. As a result of this was the president initially of this week, on Monday, of this week, speaking about what he thought the U.S. demise toll would find yourself being. [Trump audio]: ‘Now, we’re going towards 50, I’m listening to, or 60,000 individuals. We may find yourself at 50.’ 50. We may find yourself at 50,000 individuals. That’s this week. The president positing that the American demise toll in complete could possibly be 50,000 individuals, he thinks that’s the place we’ll find yourself, that’s what he’s listening to as president. That’s as unhealthy as it can get. Possibly 60,000, but it surely could possibly be 50,000 individuals. That’s what he desires individuals to know that the demise toll could possibly be when that is throughout. He stated that on Monday. Barring some type of miracle, the U.S. demise toll goes to hit 50,000 by this weekend. Straightforward. However I don’t know if the president is aware of that.

Worse is that Trump doesn’t appear to care what number of lives have been misplaced

It’s one factor to not know what number of Individuals have died from this pandemic, but it surely’s even worse that Donald Trump doesn’t appear to even care.

A president with even an oz. of empathy would method the White Home podium every day all through this disaster and specific his sincerest condolences to those that have died from this virus – and their relations.

What the American individuals get from Trump as a substitute is 2 hours of self-congratulations, misinformation and mood tantrums. If he does ever point out the demise toll, it’s solely to boast that it might be a lot increased if not for his greatness.

To make sure, this pandemic has uncovered numerous what’s damaged with America. However it’s additionally underscored simply how necessary it’s to have a president with some sense of decency and humanity, particularly throughout a time of disaster.

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