Trump Golfs As The US Embassy Is Attacked In Baghdad

Donald Trump ignored an attack on the US embassy in Baghdad, and instead stuck to his holiday routine of going golfing.

Ali Arouzi of NBC News reported:

We’re hearing the staff is on lockdown at the embassy. They are in a secure part of the embassy. There is no plans to evacuate them at this moment in time, even though there’s still some several dozen hardcore protesters still warming the area around the embassy.

It’s important to point out this is a huge, fortified, sprawling embassy, and the embassy staff that are in there are probably deep inside the compound and they are very well protected. We’re also getting reports that the U.S. Is planning to increase security around the embassy in Baghdad.

Approximately 100 Marines will be deployed and additional security is being provided by apache helicopters from an air weapons team. So this is a very, very serious situation. But as it stands, the staff in there don’t seem to be in any imminent danger and the ambassador is apparently flying back to the embassy. I’m not sure how he’s going to be getting there, possibly with these Apache helicopters.

But that is a sign that the U.S. Is trying to put out that the situation for their staff at least is under control. But this is a very, very volatile situation. I’m still looking at the pictures, there are fires raging all over the area. There are still angry mobs around there. They’ve set up tents around the compound. They obviously want to stay this out for as long as they can.


The protests began after Trump launched airstrikes against Iran backed militia in Iraq.

After creating an international crisis, Donald Trump went golfing. According to the White House pool report as provided to PoliticusUSA, “The motorcade arrived at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach at 1046 am after an unremarkable trip. We did not see the president. Press vans split off outside the club. We are currently holding in the vans near the library.”

Trump puts Americans inside the American embassy in Baghdad in danger, and then he sticks to his holiday routine and goes golfing.

Donald Trump is spending the last day of 2019 showing the American people why he doesn’t deserve another four years in office.

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