Trump Is Lying. He Did Not Take Coronavirus Seriously for Weeks. : politics

February 10: Trump says without evidence that the coronavirus “dies with the hotter weather”

February 24: Trump baselessly claims the situation is “under control”

February 25: A senior White House official falsely claims the virus has been “contained”

February 25: Trump falsely claims Ebola mortality was “a virtual 100%”

February 25: Trump falsely claims “nobody had ever even heard of Ebola” in 2014

February 26: Trump wrongly says the coronavirus “is a flu”

February 26: Trump baselessly predicts the number of US cases is “going very substantially down” to “close to zero”

February 26: Trump wrongly says the flu death rate is “much higher” than Dr. Sanjay Gupta said

February 27: Trump baselessly hints at a “miracle”

February 28: Trump baselessly hints at an immigration link to the virus

February 29: Trump exaggerates Tim Cook’s comments about Apple and China

March 1: Azar wrongly says 3,600 people have been tested

March 2: Trump falsely claims “nobody knew” the number of US flu deaths

March 2: Trump says a vaccine is coming “relatively soon”

March 4: Trump falsely claims Obama impeded testing

March 4: Trump wrongly says as many as 100,000 people died of the flu in 1990

March 4: Trump says “the borders are automatically shut down”

March 4: Trump says he believes there was a coronavirus death in New York, though there hadn’t been one

March 4: Trump falsely claims the Obama administration “didn’t do anything” about H1N1

March 5: Trump misleadingly describes a Gallup poll relating to his handling of the virus

March 5: Trump wrongly claims the virus only hit the US “three weeks ago”

March 6: Azar wrongly claims there is no test shortage

March 6: As the number of cases and deaths in Italy rises, Trump says the number is “getting much better”

March 6: Trump falsely claims anybody can get tested if they want

March 6: Trump exaggerates the number of people on the Grand Princess cruise ship

March 6: Trump falsely says US coronavirus numbers “are lower than just about anybody”

March 6: Trump baselessly muses that “maybe” the coronavirus improved US jobs numbers

March 9: Pence says Trump’s “priority” was getting Americans off the ship

Daily reminder there are still conservatives who would defend this as a competent response.

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