Trump Is Now Just Making Stuff Up To Justify His Iran Attack

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said that the White House’s changing story on the Iran threat should cause the American people to ask if Trump is making stuff up.

Rep. Lieu said on MSNBC:

I went through the briefing and I agree with Republican senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul that that briefing was sorely lacking in details, information. It was basically essentially trust us and that’s not what they should be doing. The administration should be providing actual evidence to members of congress. I’ve learned more from watching MSNBC and reading the paper than I have from that briefing. At the end of the day it’s clear we’re less safe now than we were in the beginning of the year from Donald Trump’s impulsive actions.

When Lieu was asked about Trump’s claim that Iran was planning attacks on four US embassies, he answered, “I can’t get into details of what was said. What I can say, the administration’s story on what constitutes an imminent threat keeps changing. And it caused the American people to ask is the administration making stuff up?”


Trump is doing the same things now that he did before he ran for president. Remember Trump’s team of investigators that were dispatched to find Obama’s real birth certificate? They didn’t exist.

Making stuff up is what Donald Trump has always done.

The Trump administration doesn’t have any evidence to support their claims of threat, because there isn’t any.

Reading between the lines of Rep. Lieu’s answer, it is clear that Iran attacking four US embassies were never mentioned in the briefing.

Trump is in trouble, so he is making things up to justify his actions after the fact.

The president thought that the Soleimani attack would boost his reelection campaign. Instead, it has shown why he must be voted out of office in 2020.

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