Trump resorts to namecalling in first televised interview since shedding election

“This election was rigged,” Trump mentioned. “This election was a complete fraud, and it continues to be as they cover. And the issue now we have, we go to judges, and other people don’t wish to get entangled.” 


And by not desirous to get entangled, he means the courts preserve throwing out his frivolous lawsuits, as was the case when Reps. Mike Kelly and Sean Parnell alleged on the president’s behalf that mail-in ballots had been unconstitutional.


“We’re not allowed to place in our proof,” Trump advised Bartiromo. “They are saying you don’t have standing. (…) I wish to file one good huge stunning lawsuit, speaking about this and plenty of different issues, with super proof. We now have affidavits, now we have a whole lot and a whole lot of affidavits.”


One of many extra troubling moments of Trump’s interview—I imply apart from seeing the President of the US diminished to a breathy rant of unfounded allegations—was listening to him refuse to restrict his claims to a timeline and as a substitute saying he would give his efforts to alter his destiny “125 p.c of my power” whereas the coronavirus pandemic rages. 

“I led the cost. We received state homes. We received Congress. We received the Senate, and I misplaced. They are saying ‘it’s statistically unimaginable for that to occur,’” Trump mentioned. And but it did. 


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