Trump Supporters Demand Nancy Pelosi Be Locked Up After Impeachment

As Mike Pence warmed up the crowd in Battle Creek, Michigan, a group of Trump supporters chanted lock her up when Nancy Pelosi’s name was mentioned.

Pence said, “Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are having their say tonight.”

Some in the crowd try to start a lock her up chant, which ended about as well as the four more years chant that the crowd tried to start for Trump later on.


The Trump crowds never learn. Mike Flynn led lock her up chants. He is now a convicted felon. Jeff Sessions participated in lock her up chants, and he ended up being tweet insulted out his attorney general job by Trump. Rudy Giuliani participated in lock her up chants, and now he is under criminal investigation

The crowd can try to chant lock her up at Pelosi, but even Trump and Pence that it will never happen. Frankly, the crowd in Battle Creek was the least fired up and most dejected Trump audience ever. The rally was intended to be one of those Trump therapy session gatherings, but at times it was more like a funeral for a dying presidency that a statement that the fight has just begun.

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