Trump Threatening Public Health By Refusing To Cancel Rallies

When Trump was asked if it was safe to hold his rallies during the coronavirus outbreak, he claimed he couldn’t cancel because they’re already scheduled.

Trump said, “Well this was set up a long time ago and others are. You could ask that to the Democrats…They’re all having rallies, that’s what they’re doing, they’re campaigning…I think it’s very safe.”


Trump’s political demographic of senior citizens are some of those who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus, it would be wise for the president to consider canceling his rallies. Any responsible president would put the option of canceling on the table if the outbreak spreads, which it will.

Trump is in denial and trying to pretend like no one else is going to get sick, so he has no intention of putting the public health ahead of his ego. He is correct that Democrats are still holding gatherings, for now, but they would not continue to do so if it would jeopardize the public health.

Donald Trump doesn’t care about the people that he is supposed to be serving, which is why he is willing to spread the coronavirus by continuing to hold his rallies.

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