Trump Throws A Match After Getting Busted For Taking part in Almost three Instances Extra Golf Than Obama

Trump threw a match on Sunday after getting known as out for his frequent {golfing}, however he has performed almost 3 times extra golf than Barack Obama.

Trump tweeted:

Obama made 102 journeys to the golf course, whereas Trump has made 276 trips to the golf course as president, with the overwhelming majority of these journeys being to Trump-owned properties, which signifies that Donald Trump makes money off of the taxpayers while he golfs. The numbers are staggering. Trump has played golf every 4.92 days as president, while Obama golfed an average of every 8.77 days over eight years.

Amid a pandemic, Trump has not slowed down his {golfing} behavior. Trump also has a notoriously light work schedule that usually runs from 11 AM-4 PM, and a few of that point has built-in “govt time” which Trump makes use of for tweeting or speaking to his pals on the telephone.

With solely a 4-5 hour workday on 4-5 days per week, Trump does spend nearly as a lot time {golfing} as he does doing his job. Trump has golfed for days on end as president

Trump has spent greater than three centuries worth of presidential salary on golf, and as People are dying, nothing is stopping him from robbing the taxpayers blind.

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