Trump Tries To Throw Giuliani Under The Bus For Christmas

Trump is now claiming that Rudy Giuliani has told him very little about his latest trip to Ukraine, and claimed that Rudy did what he did because he loves America.

Trump said when asked how much Giuliani has told him:

Not too much, but he is a very great crime fighter. He was probably the greatest crime fighter over the last 50 years–very smart.

He was the best mayor in the history of the city of New York. He is a great person who loves our country, he and does this out of love, believe me, he does this out of love. He sees what goes on.

Again the greatest mayor of the history of New York, and probably the greatest crime fighter of the last 50 years. He knows what he is doing.


Trump’s story is the opposite of what Giuliani claimed when he told the media that Trump called him wanting the dirt as soon as his plane landed.
By claiming a lack of knowledge of Giuliani, Trump tried to distance himself from his own lawyer. The second point is that Trump’s defense of Giuliani was also an effort to distance because Trump wouldn’t say that Giuliani is digging up dirt for him in Ukraine. It sounds like Trump was offering a preemptive defense of Giuliani by saying that his lawyer did it for America, not for Trump.

Trump said things that sounded nice, but he never actually connected himself to Giuliani.

The Christmas bus is being warned up and Trump just tried to throw his own lawyer under it.

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