Trumpists meant to take members of Congress hostage, maintain present trials, conduct executions

In the event you questioned how massive numbers of terrorists obtained previous the momentary fence police erected on the Capitol steps, right here is the reply—they had been allowed in.

And if there are questions on how the terrorists had been allowed to succeed in all areas of the Capitol, together with the Senate chamber and doorways of the Home, with out being detained, and definitely with out being disarmed; there’s additionally a solution for that. The police performed together with them.

Not solely did these invaders disrupt the depend of the Electoral Faculty vote, disrupting the transition of presidency, it’s clear they’d different intentions. They got here ready to take hostages.

And so they had plans for what to do with these hostages after they had them.

The concept of capturing members of Congress and executing them as “traitors” for failing to acknowledge Trump because the rightful ruler, has been widespread on far proper websites because the election. It’s completely clear that these individuals got here to the capital with not simply the intention of overturning the outcomes of the election, however of conducting present trials and executing these they discovered insufficient supporters of Trump.

The definition of treason within the U.S. Structure is constrained to only some meanings. This simply meets that definition.

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