Trump’s Approval Rating Is Underwater In 8 Key Battleground States He Won In 2016

Donald Trump’s approval rating is underwater in a handful of key battleground states that he can’t afford to lose if he wants another four years in the White House.

According to new data released by Civiqs on Monday, Trump’s approval rating is upside down in eight states he won in 2016 that are absolutely must-win for him in 2020: Michigan (-10), Pennsylvania (-6), Wisconsin (-6), Arizona (-6), Florida (-4), Georgia (-4), Iowa (-3) and North Carolina (-1).

In other states like Alaska, Texas, Ohio and South Carolina, the president’s approval rating is in positive territory, but the fact that it is split so closely should have the Trump campaign concerned.

The Civiqs data backs up other polling that shows Trump is losing to his potential Democratic opponents in key battleground states, particularly midwestern states like Wisconsin and Michigan.

According to the latest Fox News poll, Trump is polling behind Joe Biden by six points and Bernie Sanders by four points in Wisconsin.

In a recent poll of Michigan, Trump is losing by even more – seven points – to Biden, six points to Michael Bloomberg and four points to Bernie Sanders.

These numbers will make it difficult for Trump to win a second term

There are still ten months of campaigning until Americans get to choose their next president, and a lot can change. Democrats still have to choose their nominee.

But approval ratings this low in states he carried in 2016 – when Trump barely won the Electoral College – will make it difficult for the president to win a second term.

If these numbers hold and Trump ends up losing the states where Civiqs says his approval rating is underwater, then it would be a Democratic landslide in 2020.

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